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Research priorities
Priority areas:
  •  Rules, regulations and guidelines
  • National policies and policies
  • Use of new technologies
  • Priority in knowledge-based research
Research programs:
  • Determining the research priorities of the Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center with the participation of stakeholders
  • Identifying the needs of the community in the health sector and also the capabilities of medical centers to determine treatment-oriented research areas
  • Needs assessment to determine research priorities
  • Determining priority plans for 5-year courses
  • Creating a codified research cycle with the shortest time paths for conducting research
  • Determining the mechanisms of encouraging top researchers
  • Signing memorandums of research cooperation with relevant national and international organizations
Line and research priorities:
Carrying out scientific activities including educational, research, health, prevention, treatment, studies or executive within the limits of scientific, national and ethical laws and regulations in the field of:
  • Cultivation, justification and explanation (advocacy) for prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases in the community and officials
  • Provide training or general or specialized knowledge in the field of chronic respiratory diseases to all walks of life, at all levels
  • Carrying out epidemiological and health studies and collecting information and data about chronic respiratory diseases in the community
  • Identify all human or environmental factors that affect chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Clinical aspects of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Paraclinical aspects of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Finding the most appropriate and cost-effective drug treatments and non-pharmacological treatments for chronic respiratory diseases
  • Assistance in the treatment, rehabilitation and relief of pain as well as psychosocial support for patients with chronic respiratory diseases
  • Design and implementation of health measures (individual, social) to deal with chronic respiratory diseases
  • Translating and translating existing knowledge and knowledge into local, national and transnational policies and helping to implement them in line with the goals of the center
  • Cooperation with national and international scientific-research centers (inside or outside the country) in line with the goals of the center

Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center


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