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Goals and Vision


Achieving a respiratory-free society is the center's most important cause.


Become a reference source for the production and dissemination of scientific information on respiratory and chronic respiratory diseases by conducting credible and efficient research and providing the highest scientific information to other parts of the health system on non-communicable chronic respiratory diseases.


The main mission of the Center for Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center is to provide an appropriate platform for rapid, accurate and accurate identification and diagnosis of various chronic respiratory diseases in Iran, conducting basic, applied and basic research in the field of tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases with the participation of other research centers at the level. It is a country that has the following goals by recognizing the problems and offering the right solutionsConduct research and publish their results for the benefit of national health policy makers, professionals and the community Researcher Human Resources Development.

Access to modern science, technology, evaluation, localization and application Expanding cross-sectoral, regional and international partnerships with stakeholders and organizations to achieve common goals.

The main lines of research

Includes a variety of studies on chronic respiratory diseases and related topics, including:

Perform epidemiological studies and collect information and data on chronic respiratory diseases in the community

Conduct studies to identify any human or environmental factors that affect chronic respiratory disease

Perform a variety of clinical and Para clinical studies to combat chronic respiratory disease and its consequences

Conduct a variety of therapeutic studies to find the most appropriate and cost-effective pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for chronic respiratory diseases.

Research in basic medical sciences and biology in the field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Research in health care to deal with chronic respiratory diseases.

Translating and translating existing knowledge and knowledge into local, national and international policies and programs and assisting other centers in implementing them for the purposes of the Center.


Respect for human dignity in human health research.

Paying attention to the basic needs of society in the field of health sciences.

Engage in outreach and outreach in line with the vision and mission of the center.

Observing justice and ethics in the research activities of the center.

Meeting national expectations in line with the country's comprehensive scientific map.

Encourage volunteer researchers to develop individual and social creatives.

Protecting intellectual property of researchers and respecting the rights of researchers.

Macro politics

Collaborating for Knowledge Leadership across the country.

Attracting and empowering researchers.

Knowledge dissemination with a focus on the application of research and its commercialization.

Increasing knowledge production and translation in the health field.

Focus on community and patient needs.

Creation and development of knowledge based companies.

Specific goals

Development and application of human knowledge in the field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Perform basic epidemiological and clinical research to reform the health care system of the country in order to respond To the needs of society.

Collecting, arranging and classifying documents, articles and documents related to the objectives of the Center.

Scientific cooperation with other research and educational centers of the country in the field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Assist in training specialized and efficient forces to meet the country's needs.

Production and promotion of medical knowledge in academic centers and the medical community.

Contributing to the transcendence of a healthy culture at the national, regional and international levels and evolving the way students learn, monitor and Especially in relation to chronic respiratory diseases.

Priority Areas

Laws, Regulations and Guidelines.

National policies and policies.

Use of new technologies.

Priority in knowledge-based research.

Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center


Daar-Abad, Niavaran, Tehran, Iran

Tel : +98 27 12 20 24

Email: crdrcmail@gmail.com

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