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Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center
Date of final agreement: 1373/09/30
The Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Diseases Research Center, which is located in the physical area of ​​Dr.Masih Daneshvari Medical Center, was established and started operating in 1992. On July 22, 2008, with the written consent of the Deputy Minister of Research of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the name was changed to the Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center.
This center while cooperating with national and international scientific-research centers (inside or outside the country) in line with its goals in the field of chronic respiratory diseases from various aspects of education, research, health, prevention, treatment, studies or implementation within the laws and Scientific, national and ethical regulations are active and are ready to receive research projects in line with the center's priorities.
The main lines of research
Includes a variety of studies in the field of chronic respiratory diseases and related topics (in general), which include the following:
  • Conducting epidemiological studies and collecting information and data about chronic respiratory diseases in the community
  • Studies to identify all human or environmental factors that affect chronic respiratory diseases
  • Carrying out various clinical and paraclinical studies in order to fight against chronic respiratory diseases and its consequences
  • Carrying out various therapeutic studies in order to find the most appropriate and cost-effective pharmaceutical and non-pharmacological treatments 
  • Research in the fields of basic medical sciences and biology (such as immunology, genetics, physiology, etc.) in the field of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Research in health fields (individual-social-environmental) to deal with chronic respiratory diseases
  • Translating and translating existing knowledge and knowledge into local, domestic and international policies and programs and assisting in their implementation by other centers in line with the goals of the center
Respect for the high human dignity in research related to the health of individuals in society
  • Paying attention to the basic needs of society in the field of health sciences
  • Attracting internal and external participation in line with the vision and mission of the center
  • Observing justice and ethics in conducting research activities of the center
  • Meeting national expectations in accordance with the comprehensive scientific map of the country and the vision plan of 1404 countries
  • Encourage volunteer researchers to develop individual and social creativity
  • Protecting the intellectual property of researchers and respecting the rights of researchers
Becoming a reference for the production and dissemination of scientific information in the field of respiratory system and chronic respiratory diseases, by conducting credible and efficient research and also providing the best scientific information to other parts of the health system in the field of chronic non-communicable respiratory diseases.
The main mission of the Chronic Respiratory Diseases Research Center is to create a suitable platform for rapid and accurate diagnosis of various chronic respiratory diseases in Iran, to conduct basic, applied and basic research in the field of tuberculosis and lung diseases with the participation of other research centers It is a country that achieves the following major goals by recognizing the problems and offering appropriate solutions:
  • Conducting research and publishing their results for the benefit of the country's health policy makers, specialists and society
  • Development of researcher human resources
  • Development and application of human knowledge in the field of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Carrying out basic epidemiological and clinical research in order to reform the system of providing health services in order to meet the needs of society
  • Collecting, arranging and classifying documents, articles and documents related to the goals of the center
  • Scientific cooperation with other research and educational centers in the country in the field of chronic respiratory diseases
  • Helping to train specialized and efficient forces to meet the needs of the country
  • Production and promotion of medical knowledge in university centers and the medical community
  • Participate in the excellence of health culture at the national, regional and international levels and make changes in the way of education, monitoring and attitudes of learners, especially in relation to chronic respiratory diseases

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